Hello and welcome to this gallery of Kerala mural paintings created by Naveen B.

The gallery is being progressively built up, so you may find the grouping changing and evolving over time, possibly as more images become available in subject areas. For now, there’s a broad grouping by ‘traditional’ and ‘non-traditional’, the latter being a series called ‘The Goddess Files’ where Naveen has had to go well beyond the prescribed, traditional route – Kali is not a popularly sought subject, as She is not exactly famous for being conventional.

In addition, there are now a few galleries that will take you through the process of creating a mural painting where you may be able to appreciate the painstaking nature of the art. Including one where you could see Naveen at work on various different projects.

The Gallery sections can be reached from the header menu, and also from the footer menu. Enjoy browsing, and we’d love it if you left your comments.